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Our Mission
To provide the best healthcare in this State for those suffering from the effects of an accident related injury, we assist patients with: medical issues, insurance issues, attorney access, collision, and do it yourself claims settlements questions.

What To Do After The Accident
The most important first step if you believe you have a whiplash injury is to get immediate medical attention. Dr. Arena is trained to diagnose, evaluate and treat whiplash and other skeletal injuries. Once Dr. Anthony Arena has evaluated and treated your physical injury, it may be necessary to seek legal treatment as well to recover the costs resulting from your injury. We provide the tools necessary to get a fair personal injury settlement without the additional expense of hiring an attorney or refer you to a top notch auto accident attorney.

Dr. Arena has an excellent, impeccable history of caring for patients who were pursuing personal injury insurance claims. Dr. Arena is an expert in treating and managing whiplash and is very competent and caring in alleviating or entirely eliminating the source of the pain, AND will display an understanding of and sympathy towards the insurance claims process. He is also cooperative in making additional notes or narrative reports, and will do so without charging heavy fees for the writing.

You Must Be Examined by Dr. Arena As Soon As Possible
It is an indispensable necessity that you see Dr. Arena to get the proper treatment as quickly as possible after an accident. This decision is not only necessary for maximizing the chances for optimal health, but also, serves to maximizes your chances for financial recovery.

What Health Care Provider Should I See?
Our practice members have told us that they felt better faster and were able to stay pain-free for longer with chiropractic care for whiplash and soft tissue injuries than with general medical care. Medical doctors often just prescribe pain medicine to treat the symptoms, whereas chiropractors may have a better chance of getting to the source of the pain.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Personal Injuries
Assist on Making Personal Injury Insurance Claim Maximum Settlement
We also hear from our practice members how “short” their medical doctors are with them when they continue to report pain from severe whiplash and soft tissue injuries from car accidents. The orthopedic surgeons are notoriously rated poorly for whiplash and soft tissue injuries because their money is made in surgery, not in office consultations. When you come in for the third time complaining about how your work aggravated your whiplash or soft tissue injury, you are considered baggage to that office – UNLESS, of course, you might be a candidate for surgery. What kind of support in the doctor’s records do you think the orthopedic surgeon will give to someone who cannot heal from whiplash or soft tissue injuries notwithstanding the pills and physical therapy the doctor prescribed?

By contrast, Dr. Arena is supportive of the personal injury claims process. Dr. Arena feels that he sees it as his job to help his patients recover, both physically and financially. That does not mean that he will make up false information: instead what it means is that he will write good thorough reports of the severity of your whiplash and soft tissue injuries so you are supported in pursuing your personal injury insurance claim. These days, reports from doctors of chiropractic stand up pretty well, if not downright better, against the opinions of the medical doctors.

In prior years, orthopedic surgeons were called by the defense to testify against chiropractors who were treating the claimant. It was difficult for the plaintiff to sell a jury on the concept that a chiropractor’s belief and testimony could outweigh that of an orthopedic surgeon. However, the situation has changed substantially in the last decade. Chiropractors have treated much of the population. As a consequence, chiropractic opinion, if presented by a doctor with a sound foundation, can stand up well against the best of medical testimony.

Dr. Arena is a lot more likely to support your personal injury insurance claim than an orthopedic surgeon. It is, of course, difficult and often useless to generalize about categories of professionals. However, experience shows that, on the whole, medical specialists at the higher end (such as orthopedic surgeons) are less likely to display an interest in the quality of your insurance claim settlement award, or treatment designed to make sue your chances for complete recovery are maximized, especially if it is “only” whiplash or soft tissue injuries, as opposed to broken bones, which form the staple of the surgeon’s practice.

With all that being said, Dr. Arena has and does often refer to many specialists in the medical field when necessary.

What Should You Tell Doctor Arena About Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim?
Proper chiropractic and or medical care, AND SUPERIOR HISTORY AND DOCUMENTATION are the keys to your physical recovery and your monetary recovery in your personal injury insurance claim. There are three aspects to maximizing your chances for a prompt physical recovery and satisfactory monetary recovery.

  • The first is to select a doctor who is competent to treat your injuries, and who will support your efforts to recover in a personal injury insurance claim.
  • The second key is to follow Dr. Arena’s advice and to treat as suggested-don’t be a cowboy or cowgirl and go it alone, ignoring his instructions, because failure to follow your doctor’s orders is ammunition for the insurance defense and the IME Doctor
  • The third is to ensure that your doctor properly documents your injuries and continued pain and suffering during your injury recovery: This can only be accomplished by telling Dr. Arena ALL of the symptoms you are experiencing.

We have mentioned our belief that Dr. Arena is more likely to support you in both the physical recovery and financial recovery. Obviously, in a severe medical injury case, use of a chiropractor is inappropriate. If you have a severe bodily injury and broken bones, etc., an orthopedic surgeon is required and a neurologist will attend to nerve damage. There will be no referral or use of a chiropractor or alternative medicine.

On the other hand, for the vast majority of soft tissue injury cases, the most appropriate place to start is our office which will allow Dr. Arena to oversee your recovery.

Dr. Arena is a highly trained doctor who is fully competent to take a complete history and perform a chiropractic examination, In Michigan he can also conduct impairment ratings, which are crucial in substantiating injury resulting from a car accident. Dr. Arena is adept at writing reports and more likely than not, is going to make the effort to learn the background of your claim and support your financial recovery by making a thorough report in the records.

Our typical accident related treatment has a plan and timetable for your recovery. As discussed elsewhere, medical specialists such as orthopedic surgeons often are not as active in their support of your financial recovery as are chiropractors. Should they be? Aren’t they committed to practice medicine and get you better? Those are questions you will have to resolve.

How Whiplash Happens
An individual sitting in a car seat, especially with the head unsupported, upon receiving an unexpected impact in the rear, is subjected to a tremendous hyper-extension force which, as has been shown in numerous studies, to be considerably more than the average person would expect. This phenomenon is said to be due to the unique anatomy of the neck.

Whiplash is an injury to the cervical spine (the neck) caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, either backward or forward. A common cause for whiplash is automobile accidents, particularly “rear-end collisions.” The injury may seems minor, but even a seemingly minor neck injury can have potentially serious consequences.

Whiplash symptoms are quite painful and commonly result from being in a vehicular collision. Though this is not the only way to get whiplash, but most of the cases are from vehicular accidents. Whiplash happens in the neck and the pain comes when the vertebral bones in the neck hyper-stretch forward and then snap back, causing the vertebrae to compress into each other which causes the vertebrae to become misaligned in the neck, and can cause strain to the muscles in the neck, back, chest and shoulders.

The nerves and tendons in these areas can also become injured from the trauma, and the tendons and muscles can tear.

Whiplash symptoms are not commonly realized on the first day it happens, and the whiplash sufferer perhaps may not even go to the doctor. By the next day or even up to weeks later, the whiplash becomes considerably more painful.

Some victims do not have the ability to walk without pain in their neck, shoulders and back. The muscles become very stiff and sore, and most sufferers seek the immediate advice of a chiropractor. If you notice any of the symptoms you go seek care immediately. If you are not properly diagnosed early it will be much harder to heal from you affliction.

Whiplash is a complicated injury that involves many different parts of the body like your vertebral bones, tendons, and muscles. Dr. Arena will help keep your neck and spine aligned correctly so that your muscles will heal in the correct position, so that your injury will not resurface. He will also, enact the proper rehabilitation procedures as soon as you are ready for that phase of care.

There are many long term effects than can be caused from whiplash such as hunch back, nerve damage, constant swelling, and constant pain, and long term permanent impairment.

Auto Accidents

The most important first step if you believe you have a whiplash injury is to get immediate medical attention. Dr. Arena is trained to diagnose, evaluate and treat whiplash and other skeletal injuries.

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